Mild mannered with a sweet disposition.

What makes them so mild and sweet?

EverMild™ onions are grown and selected to have a consistently mild and sweet flavor with less "bite" and tears than regular onions.

Onions contain a naturally occurring substance called lachrymatory factor which is an indicator of their pungent flavors and distinct aroma. Compared to regular onions, EverMild™ onions have a much lower level of lachrymatory factor which gives them a milder, sweeter taste. We test every lot of EverMild™ onions to make sure it meets our strict requirements for sweetness. In fact, if our onions don’t meet our quality and low pungency standards, we just won’t send them to market.

EverMild™ onions cause less characteristic “crying” when prepared or chopped because they have less of the substance that causes tears.

Attractive looks and longer shelf life.

EverMild™ onions are harvested in the fall in the Northwest United States and available in the marketplace September through March. This means a more consistent supply of 'Grown in the USA', high-quality sweet onions to satisfy consumer demand.

For something fun and different try this classic sandwich: peanut butter and a thin slice of EverMild™ onion on raisin bread. Delicious!